Chapter 3 Excerpt


Excerpt from Chapter 3: The Primary Life Force

In most philosophical, religious, and spiritual models there exists the concept of that which is beyond all human understanding and all human thought—the Absolute, the Source, the One. From the One emanates a primary life force that permeates and connects all of creation. Often our understanding of this force is intellectual rather than experiential and remains a mystery to most of us. Although there are many life forces within and around us, many different religions and philosophies make mention of the Life Force. This may refer to the primary life force, which is also called the Great Life, from which all other forces originate. The primary life force exists at all times within all aspects and dimensions of life. Its existence is interpreted differently within the framework of various religions. The primary life force contains both penetrating and enveloping aspects. The penetrating force represents the power of the Creator and has a more masculine and active quality. The enveloping force is Grace, which has a more feminine quality, as it is a force that encloses and envelops life.

Because the penetrating force of the Great Life is most often referred to by mystics who strive for enlightenment, some people assume that only a chosen few will ever experience it; however, many cultures recount stories of spontaneous spiritual experiences—some great, some small—that have occurred across humankind. These stories illustrate that the process of penetration can occur in anyone at any time.

Evidence of the enveloping aspect of the primary life force is present in many different theologies, stories, and myths, as well as in our everyday lives. People often describe intense feelings of the Divine presence of Grace. Many of us have had a moment of complete clarity, a vision, or a dream in which we felt guided. Or, perhaps we sensed a peace and tranquility, the feeling that something sacred was present, a feeling of transcendence, the sudden lifting of a burden, or simply the presence of something beyond ourselves……..

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