More media testimonials

“Being Human is a marvelous gift to all who want to live life more fully and with greater awareness.” Thom Hartmann, author, The Prophet’s Prayer

 “As humanity has brought our precious planet to the very edge of destruction, so, too, do we have the power to heal and celebrate the Earth. In Being Human we learn how to nurture the noble qualities that identify us as made in God’s image and likeness. As we recognize the light of God in ourselves and each other, we do indeed become fully human.”
Mary Manin Morrissey, author, No Less Than Greatness

 “It is rare to find a book that makes the complex appear simple, but this is surely one. Being Human offers a coherent and elegant framework for understanding the hierarchy of life forces which underlie man’s potential for transformation and renewed wholeness. Drawing on their extensive professional experience, teaching through stories, and using personal anecdotes, the authors paint a picture that unites diverse cultural traditions into an integrated gestalt. Particularly refreshing is their lucid explanation of the primary life-force and their practical approach to the experience of Divine surrender. Being Human is a unique contribution to energy medicine, and deserves to become preferred reading for anyone interested in healing mind, body and spirit.”
Michael T. Greenwood, MD author, The Unbroken Field

 “In this life journey towards embracing our full potentials for action, thought, love and awareness of the Divine, Being Human’s map provides us with tools to support us to be conscious and fully alive on the voyage.”
Illène Pevec, MA, consultant for Sustainable Solutions

 “Being Human offers a coherent framework for understanding the hierarchy of life forces which underlie human potential for transformation. Integrity, flexibility, reflectiveness, surrender and value are each aligned with one of the life forces in this practical self-help guide. Honest, personal stories by each of the three authors are interspersed throughout the text, bringing a very “human” touch to Being Human.” Alternatives Magazine, Spring 2004

 “The outer and inner presentation and format of the book has a special quality about it that impressed me the moment I picked it up. Readers will find it easy to follow, … because the authors quote numerous personal experiences in a very honest and open manner.”
Osanna Vaughn, editor, Subud World News

 “In the midst of rampant unethical behavior in business and government, pandemic drug use, social inequities and world-threatening violence Being Human offers clearly written, practical insights into how we may reclaim our heritage as noble human beings. It should be required reading for our time.”
Reynold Feldman, author of Wisdom: Daily reflections for a new era

 “This book is a very clear and readable account of the life forces that form part of our being. The book is at the same time both highly interesting and eminently practical.”
Garrett Thompson, Professor, Compton Chair of Philosophy, College of Wooster