Being Human


Exploring the forces that shape us, and awaken an inner life


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“In a contemporary spiritual marketplace determined to convince us that we are all already perfect just as we are, Being Human sounds a refreshing note of sanity with its call to confront and come to terms with the complex cauldron of forces that drive our behavior. Illuminating the universality of the human experience through anecdotes, archetypes, and stories from the authors’ lives, it is both a guidebook to the human condition and an invitation to rise above our conditioning by engaging the noble struggle to make manifest in our lives the integrity and dignity of our own Divine nature.”

Craig Hamilton, Managing Editor, What Is Enlightenment Magazine

“Being Human is a marvelous gift to all who want to live life more fully and with greater awareness.” Thom Hartmann, author of The Prophet’s Prayer

“.. a moving, insightful, and highly recommended contemplation of life’s greater questions.” Midwest Book Review

“Being Human deserves to become preferred reading for anyone interested in healing mind, body and spirit.” Michael T. Greenwood MD, author of Braving the Void

“Clearly written, practical insights into how we may reclaim our heritage as noble human beings; required reading for our time. ” Reynold Feldman, author, Wisdom: Daily reflections for a new era

“… an insightful tool for re-establishing order and balance in life.“ ForeWord Magazine April, 2004

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"Solihin Thom was an inspiring guest and easily filled the two hour interview time. In fact, we received a heavy volume of calls following his radio appearance. His easily communicated, unique perspective on health, coupled with his skills as a cranial osteopath, allowed for an engaging conversation. Dr. Thom has developed a humanistic model of health that is easily explainable and allows for the resolution of problems that are extremely difficult matters for modern medicine. It would be a great service to the public for his healthcare message to be heard by wider audiences."

Kamau Kokayi, MD Global Medicine Review, New York City