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Solihin Thom

Solihin has always considered himself to be somewhat of a rebel, which perhaps can be attributed to his eclectic upbringing. At the age of three or so, his family moved to Kuwait via a temporary abode in Cyprus, where they lived until he was eighteen. A school year in the Lebanon, in the hills above Beirut in ’57, were followed by boarding school in Scotland (which Solihin hated but completed ) fueled the nonconformist within him. His sense of being an outcast coupled with a hunger to know himself took him through a self-destructive stage from which he emerged as he made his own rites of passage while travelling through the Middle East, culminating in two years in Afghanistan. These pivotal years shaped him, as he pondered his feeling of emptiness and the apparent purposeless nature of life. Slowly his adventurous spirit found its mark, and he went to osteopathic school, studied homeopathy and acupuncture in the United Kingdom, and practiced physical medicine in London.

His travels in the early years prompted Solihin to seek a sense of purpose. This initially led him to look at the spiritual side of life, and he became a Muslim to help him have both ritual and faith in his outer life and endeavors. This combination of an inner and outer life profoundly changed him, and after several years as an osteopath, he realized that most of us, including himself, have little idea why we get ill or why we live substandard lives, even though materially we seem to fare well. A series of inner experiences gave him the body of knowledge that lies at the foundation of this book.

Solihin’s unique ontological approach examines the root cause of why we get ill, become dysfunctional, fail in our relationships, or sabotage life. Initially working with Francois Reynolds, the unfolding of the model of the life forces was revealed through a series of inner experiences – many whilst in Vienna, where the two of them taught. Eventually it became evident that their male partnership needed the feminine aspect to really come alive. In 1990, Solihin began to facilitate workshops with Alicia, which truly revealed the need for both male and female views and internal perspectives in order to understand the forces. This knowledge and experience has helped thousands of people over the years to understand their personal ontology and the reasons why they become ill, or why their life fails in some way. It has helped many reaffirm and re-establish their connection to that which is Implicate.

 Alicia Thom

Alicia grew up in the English and Welsh countryside, which led to a deep appreciation for nature. The oldest of five children, she attended a Waldorf school, where she first began to realize the importance of community life. At age fifteen, her family moved to Indonesia, which allowed her to broaden her view of the world and its rich and diverse cultures, giving her a unique perspective on life. As an adult, she became interested in acquiring further tools to facilitate an understanding of ourselves as human beings, becoming a Master NLP practitioner in 1989. Married since 1976, she and her husband Solihin moved to Oregon with their four children in 1991 with the vision of introducing their work in this country.

Alicia and Solihin are co-founders of Ad Humanitas — a company dedicated to furthering humanity within each of us, and the world, through its work. The core of the work is an understanding of the life forces — those elements that exist within and around us and shape our lives — together with an acknowledgement of the presence of a primary, or Divine force.

Alicia’s life experience and travel to many different countries brings a unique perspective to her work. She has co-facilitated personal development workshops with her husband Solihin for over twelve years in the US and internationally. In 2002, they presented at the Guerrand-Hermes Foundation for Peace Conference, in Kalimantan, Indonesia, and in 2003 at the Vittachi Youth Conference for a Human Future in Colorado, USA. In addition, Alicia has recently developed the Sacred Woman workshop where she offers an opportunity for women to explore and recognize their innate qualities and resources. She and Solihin currently live in Kalkan, Turkey, on the azure mediterranean coast.

Alexandra ter Horst

Alexandra ter Horst is a self-proclaimed “eclectic American.” Born in the west, raised in the south and educated the east, she has hop-scotched the US map, living and working in Dallas, Denver, Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and most recently the mountains of western North Carolina. Her life-long fascination with why people feel, act, and think the way we do led to a degree in psychology from the University of Virginia in1979. Armed with her diploma, she began an employment odyssey that ranged from radio advertising sales to recruiting for an IV catheter manufacturer to owning of a dirt bike training business, adventures that furthered her curiosity about human nature.

A descendent of several Presbyterian ministers, Alexandra was raised in a spiritual tradition where Sundays were marked by worship in a large church in Dallas. Despite this, she struggled with her own relationship to her faith throughout most of her early adult years, longing for some deeper sense of her connection to God.

It was not until 1995, when she attended a Life Forces workshop facilitated by Solihin and Alicia Thom, that things finally began to make sense. So inspired by the idea that, by understanding these forces, we begin to understand ourselves, and others, she began an intensive study of their work, joining their organization full-time later that year. Since that time she has traveled to such diverse places as Indonesia, Morocco, India, and Europe in pursuit of a deeper appreciation of the common bond that exists between all human beings. She is Vice President of SymPoint Communications, a public relations firm based in Washington State.