Media Testimonials

Media testimonials
“Solihin Thom was an inspiring guest and easily filled the two hour interview time. In fact, we received a heavy volume of calls following his radio appearance. His easily communicated, unique perspective on health, coupled with his skills as a cranial osteopath, allowed for an engaging conversation. Dr. Thom has developed a humanistic model of health that is easily explainable and allows for the resolution of problems that are extremely difficult matters for modern medicine. It would be a great service to the public for his healthcare message to be heard by wider audiences.”

Kamau Kokayi MD Global Medicine Review, New York City

“Solihin and Alicia Thom are the genuine article, a true partnership. To see them in action in a workshop, experience Solihin’s healing modality, or interview them discussing their work and the concepts behind it – including the Life Forces – is an event charged with gentle, transformational energy. If you can meet this warm and visionary couple, do it.”

Paul Nelson Global Voices Radio, Seattle Washington

“Being Human is a readable and useful book for understanding the foundation of much of human behavior. I found the Thoms to be an engaging pair who are passionate and knowlegeable about their subject. They are articulate, accessible, and personable. Interviewing them was a pleasurable experience.”

Grace Hague, KBOO Community Radio, Portland, Oregon

“The Thoms are wonderful guests and made a great show. Their book provides a wonderful opportunity to explore issues of value to us all.”

Carolyn Brunette, Portland Community Media Television